Over and Under the Pond K-2

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This Storytime STEM-Pack includes all the materials you need to engage children in a mathematics activity that addresses the concepts of counting, subitizing, and addition within 20 by using a number bead board/rekenrek. The children begin by building their own individual rekenreks and engaging in a quick images activity to strengthen their number visualization skills. Next, they listen to the popular children’s book, Over and Under the Pond, as an introduction to representing an ecosystem on the rekenrek.  The children then work in small groups to represent other pictures of ecosystems with their rekenreks. The activity concludes with children sharing their representations with the whole group. Included in this set, you'll find:

  • Detailed instructions (i.e., lesson plan) for the learning activities
  • Materials to build 25  rekenreks (beads, cards, and pipe cleaners)
  • 6 beautifully illustrated ecosystem cards
  • A copy of Over and Under the Pond

The entire activity takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.  This STEM-Pack is suitable for grades K-2.