Boxitects Family Edition

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This 3DuxDesign Storytime STEM-Pack Family Edition box contains materials for a team of 2-3 children.

  •  A Boxitects hard book by Kim Smith
  • One Storytime STEM lesson with 3 challenges
  • 50 assorted 3DuxDesign cardboard connectors
  • 50 assorted 3DuxDesign geometric cardboard shapes
  • 3 ideas boards
  • 4 crayons

 The Boxitects STEM-pack engages children in a popular children’s book and STEM activities as your young designers imagine, design and invent some pretty cool stuff.

Storytime STEM joins forces with NY Times bestselling author Kim  Smith  and 3DuxDesign to bring your kids a reading and engineering experience they will never forget.

In the story, Meg and Simone learn about how engineering is about creativity, innovation and team work. Following the Boxitects storyline, your students will learn engineering basics as they imagine, design and build structures. But that's just the beginning, our young innovators will then be challenged to re-imagine the future of living and transportation as they figure out how to bring two great products together to invent something completely new and utterly spectacular!  

 ages 4-7 

warning – choking hazard, ages 3+