Mae and the Moon Grades PreK-2

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This Storytime STEM-pack includes all the materials you need to engage kids in a science activity that addresses the concept of the Sun, Earth, Moon system, in particular the predictable pattern in which the shape of the moon as observed in the sky changes during the month. The activity is launched by reading the popular children’s book Mae and the Moon, followed by the children sequencing pictures of the full moon as it travels across the night sky. Children then observe a model of the moon, emphasizing that the moon does not have a light on its own. Next, children share what they notice, as they observe a picture of the phases of the moon. They reinforce their learning by individually using Play Dough to model one of the phases of the moon, sharing an everyday object that reminds them of the moon phase.    

Included in this set, you'll find:

  • Detailed instructions (i.e., lesson plan) for the learning activities
  • White Styrofoam ball and flashlight
  • A set of beautifully illustrated Moon in the Night Sky cards (8.5x1), full moon in different positions in the sky throughout the night
  • Nine phases of the moon cards (8.5x11), showing waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent moon 
  • Four phases of the moon cards (8.5x11), full moon, gibbous moon, quarter moon, crescent moon
  • A copy of Mae and the Moon by Jamie Gigot

The entire activity takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.  This STEM-pack is suitable for grades PreK-2.