Otter in Space Grades K-3

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STEM Concepts: Engineering Design; Forces and Interactions

Developing and Optimizing Design Solutions

This Storytime STEM-Pack includes all the materials you need to engage kids in an engineering design task that also explores the concept of gravity and air resistance. The activity is launched by reading the popular children's book Otter in Space with them, and challenges the children to help Otter solve a problem, ensuring a safe landing as Otter and his friends return from the moon.  Included in this set, you'll find:

  • Detailed instructions (i.e., lesson plan) for the learning activities
  • Engineering Design Concept Card
  • Parachute-making materials for twelve groups of two kids
  • A copy of Otter in Space by Sam Garton

The entire activity takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.  This STEM-Pack is suitable for grades K-3.