The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Grades PreK-2

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STEM Concept:  Engineering Design

Developing and Optimizing Design Solutions

This Storytime STEM-Pack includes all the materials you need to engage kids in an engineering design task that also required the application of science concept of properties of matter and force and motion. The activity is launched by reading the popular children's book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, and challenges the kids to build a windmill, just like William did in the book to help his village. Included in this Storytime STEM-pack you'll find:

  • Detailed instructions (i.e., lesson plan) for the learning activities
  • 8 sets of 20 foam shapes each
  • 80 mini craft sticks 
  • 4 rolls of clear tape 
  • 100  toothpicks
  • 2 sticks of modeling clay
  • 16 bamboo skewers 
  • 16 paper straws 
  • 1 Making the Windmill Instruction Card
  • 1 Making a Windmill Concept Card
  • 1 Engineering Design Card
  • A copy of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind  by William Kamkwamba

The entire activity takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.  This STEM-Pack is suitable for grades PreK-2.