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This set of Storytime STEM-packs is a great way to get your children excited about space exploration and the moon. Colorful storybooks start building this excitement for subsequent engagement in STEM and computer science activities. 

Launched by the book On the Moon (PreK-K) or If You Decide to Go to the Moon (Grades 1-2), Moon Adventures takes children on a trip to the moon, where they program Bee-Bot to explore craters, collect moon rocks, and solve the mystery of footprints on the moon. After reading the book Spacesuit, an engineering design task challenges children to design their own spacesuit. The book is based on the true story of Ella Foraker, who designed the spacesuits for the Apollo 11 mission.

By reading Mae and the Moon, children follow the appearance of the Moon in the night sky during the month. Then, children use what they have read to model the different phases of the moon.

Children read Otter in Space that sets up an engineering design challenge. In this storybook, Otter and his friends plan a trip to the Moon to bring back moon rocks. Witnessing Otter's crash landing, children help Otter have a safer landing by designing a parachute and testing it with a plastic animal.

This set contains one of each of the following: 
Moon Adventures (Computer Science and STEM)- including Bee-Bots
Mae and the Moon (Science) 
Otter in Space (Engineering Design)