Meet the Team

Gabriela Rose, Principal Investigator

Gabriela leads the grant work and development of  Storytime STEM-packs. With the initial I-Corps funding she  interviewed over 130 people to learn what customers need to successfully integrate literature with STEM activities for young children. With an extensive background in science education and national experience in NGSS, Gabriela makes sure that Storytime STEM-packs engage children in phenomenon and problem driven three-dimensional learning. Gabriela loves downhill skiing, and teaching her grandchildren. If Gabriela would have to eat one meal for the rest of her life, she could absolutely live on hot chocolate and Apfelstrudel.


Sam Shaneyfelt, Consultant

Sam loves to do wood carvings and working in the yard. He and his wife enjoy long walks in the park with their dog Oliver, when they are not visiting their grandchildren.Sam co-leads the development of Storytime STEM-packs with Gabriela. With many years of classroom, school-level, and central office administrative experience, he makes sure that Storytime STEM-packs are aligned to the needs of educators on the ground. Sam brings lots of experience with children’s literature and is always in search of the most engaging storybooks.


Michael Fierle, Program Director, Allegheny Intermediate Unit Math & Science Collaborative Mike makes sure that we offer the instructional materials and professional learning that teachers and administrators are looking for. Mike spends a lot of time with budgets and grants to bring resources to our customers. With his background as a mathematics teacher and administrator Mike helps with the development of Storytime STEM-packs and STEM+C Adventures. Mike loves to go on bike rides around Pittsburgh with his family. If Mike could do another job for just one day, he would be operating a food truck.


Michele Burgess, Curriculum and Mathematics Coordinator Michele is a former mathematics teacher and has provided mathematics professional development for over 16 years. She also is a trainer for Michele is responsible for the development of mathematics and computer science Storytime STEM-packs and makes sure that they attend to the research and standards in the Common Core Mathematics and Computer Science Standards. Michele has two children, and she often tests ideas for activities and stories with her elementary age daughter. One of Michele’s favorite hobbies is ringing handbells.  


Corinne Murawski, Mathematics Coordinator 

Corinne has worked as a mathematics educator and administrator and recently defended her dissertation in mathematics education. She provides professional development for mathematics teachers at the AIU MSC and lends her extensive expertise to the development of mathematics Storytime STEM-packs, professional development and grant writing. Corinne loves to take road trips with her family. If she wants to relax she enjoys Yoga and going jogging.


Kristen Rice, Science Coordinator

Kristen is passionate about everything that has to do with children and learning science. She has taught in the classroom and worked as a technology coach. Having raised her own children, she recently rejoined the team, contributing her experience with young children and her science background to Storytime STEM-packs. Kristen also provides professional development to science teachers at AIU MSC.  Her enthusiasm and creativity make all of us smile. When she is not working on Storytime STEM-packs, Kristen is a busy Mom, often finding herself chasing after the family’s fluffy energetic puppy.