Iowa Classroom Loves Storytime STEM-packs

Iowa second grade students have a great time engaging with Storytime STEM-packs. Their passionate teacher creatively implements the activities and adds extensions, challenging her kids to make connections across content areas.

Storytime STEM-packs have arrived: The kids have fun unpacking the boxes, looking forward to using all the cool materials in them. 

On the Construction Site - The Story: Children are getting into the story, practicing their active listening skills. 

On the Construction Site - Explore: Children act as engineers as they consider available materials and agree on a plan to build a house for the bear family.​ 

On the Construction Site - Create: Working together in their engineering teams, children build their houses to keep the bear family out of the rain.

On the Construction Site - Test: With the spray bottle in hand, the class is ready to test the houses and see if the bear family is staying dry.

On the Construction Site - Improve: Children compare their designs and discuss how the testing and feedback from other teams will help them improve their design.