Storytime STEM-packs Implementation Guidance

Storytime STEM-packs are designed as stand-alone 45-minute activities focused on a particular STEM concept that can be flexibly integrated into existing curriculum. For standards-alignment please see our website

How can Storytime STEM-packs enhance my curriculum?

  • Excitement and interest
  • Engagement/Launch
  • Application
  • Reinforcement
  • Enrichment

 What is the time requirement to implement a Storytime STEM-pack?

  • A STEM-pack is designed for a 45-minute lesson.
  • It can be broken up into smaller chunks, for example reading the story one day and doing the activities another day. When needed, the activities can be broken up further by sections in the facilitator guide.

 Are Storytime STEM-packs designed for whole class activities or small groups?  

  • Storytime STEM-packs include both whole class activities (reading the book and debrief discussions) and small group work. Sometimes children work in groups of four or three; sometimes children work with a partner or by themselves.
  • Some PreK classrooms read the stories as a whole class, do the activities in small groups or centers, and then bring everyone together again for a discussion. 

 How have materials for Storytime STEM Engineering challenges been selected?

  • Storytime STEM-pack materials for engineering design challenges have been carefully selected and field tested to be suitable for young children and provide results that children can use as evidence to inform their design. The materials children choose from are purposefully limited, so the planning and debriefing stages do not take too long and young children are not overwhelmed with trying to compare too many variables.  

 How do I refurbish Storytime STEM-packs?

  • Many of the science and mathematics Storytime STEM-packs do not include consumable materials, so no refurbishment is necessary.
  • Consumable materials in engineering design Storytime STEM-packs are mostly items that can be purchased at local grocery or craft stores. If you can’t find a particular item, please contact us at, and we will send you the link where you can purchase it.